Yi Xie
Game Designer, Game Developer, Digital Artist
Yi is an artist specializing in interactive media and games. His creations focus on emotional expression and guiding player emotions through human-computer interaction in the realm of two-player games, with a particular emphasis on exploring themes of intimacy.
Yi's artistic journey began during his undergraduate years, driven by his passion for gaming. Inspired by mentors Patrick LeMieux and Stephanie Boluk, he delved deep into the world of creating experimental games. Among them, his first experimental two-player game, "Lian: A game about love and distance," was born in 2020, laying a solid foundation for his subsequent creations and artistic direction.
In his creative process, Yi primarily utilizes Unity as his tool of choice. Influenced by Chen Xinghan and Hideo Kojima's games, he places a strong focus on conveying narratives through game mechanics and human-computer interaction. He further enriches the games with visuals, symbols, text, music, and film. He firmly believes that human-computer interaction and game mechanics endow game art with a unique appeal. As such, he continuously explores the possibilities of narrative within experimental games.
On the other hand, he perceives two-player games as an underestimated genre. Through intentional Meta Game Design, players can mutually enhance their emotional experiences, making it one of his primary goals in creating experimental games.
Yi's work "恋 Re:Call" (Love Re:Call) offers audiences a fresh gaming experience. The game challenges conventional game design logic, as he hopes viewers will perceive it as an experiment, a form of communication, and an experience, rather than just a game.
Through experimental game art, Yi delves deep into the mysteries of emotional expression and human-computer interaction, infusing themes of intimacy into his creations. His work aims to evoke emotional resonance among viewers, utilizing the unique medium of games to explore emotions and intimacy on multiple levels. He aspires to continuously challenge the boundaries of gaming and explore new avenues for artistic expression.

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