Win the favor of the god's in this idle city-builder game.
Project Overview 
I made this game for Historically Accurate Game Jam 4 with a remote team of 4 gathered by Rachel Heleva. This game is an experiment for me to work on game UI and touch screen control system in Unity. 
Demo only for showcase. Mechanics is not fully completed. 
Game Design
Inspired be Greek Mythology of the naming of Athens, we come out with an idea of making a game and involve into the fight between Athena and Poseidon.
Player need to play the mayor of the city and click on the silver coin to get money to build buildings. 
Ideas Haven't implemented:
- Gods will talk with player if a certain amount of building is built.
- Player need to gather resources to fight for disasters
- Player can learn skills and get buff from gods by choosing either Poseidon or Athena as the protector of the city.
- It is a survival rogue-like game, that player can inherit skills and buff from previous round in order to survive more round to watch the finalle

Programming/Game Design - Yi Xie
Writing/Game Design - Rachel Heleva
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