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Game Designer: Yi Xie                            Level Designer: Yi Xie                             3D Artist: Yifan Shuai    
Narrative Designer: Yi Xie, Tracy Lin      Concept Consultant: Jinyi Kang             Music: Ryan Cheung
Special Thanks: Patrick LeMieux, Stepanie Boluk, Eugene Shi
Genre: Two Player CO-OP, Walking Simulator
Game Engine: Unity
Release Date: Winter, 2022
Target Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation
About This Game
Serendipity InBetween provides a greek tragedy story that lasts for 30 years of two childhood friends in an iconic old community in Shanghai, China. Players experience the game not only as a gamer, but also through a pioneering use of haptic feedback within the controllers that convey the emotion of a player to another.​​​​​​​
This is not just another bitter-sweet story in the game but also an unforgettable experience between the players who hold the controllers.
Chapter One

On a normal day in Shanghai, China, two kids in Long Tang met each other, driven by an unknown pulse in their bodies.

Players can navigate a vivid Shanghai Old Community and interact with people. View the story of different kinds of people in Shanghai, China 1990s. 
Chapter Two
[In Progress]
Like all the teenagers, No one rules them! Two kids sneak out during the night and find a mother cat giving birth...
Player need to collaborate to move fast in the night while not being caught by nosy adults. An experimental haptic feedback game mechanic is designed for this Level. Player can feel each other's move through the haptic feedback, and this will help them conquer the difficulties. 

Prototype ScreenShot

Screenshot of Chapter Three

Asset Replacement In Progress

Chapter Three

Growing up together, the huge difference between their family foreshadow two kids' separation. One of them stayed in the community taking care of his/her family grocery store. The other went to a college in another city. The longer they separated, the more they cannot help think about each other.  
Player will play a two player rhythm game with tuned Haptic Feedback
Chapter Four
[In Progress]
They finally meet each other again after years. However, everything changed. They cannot recognize each other. They cannot find the FEELING in their memory.
The biggest surprise of the game where the haptics feedback pattern and the music deceive player to create a meta experience
Game Design Doc
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Game Versions and PlayTest Session Recordings
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