Special thanks to the Research and Development at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, California, for making this installation possible.
This installation is a part of the RAD (Research and Development) Exhibition.
With the support of RAD (Research and Development) Exhibition at Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, we managed to redesign and reimagine Yi’s game LIAN 戀 Re:Call(2023) to gallery space. 

Utilizing the gallery space and special screens set up on three walls, Yi explores a new way to experience the original game, focusing on the interactions between two pairs of players and the spectatorship. The installation examines how one player watches others play, how a player performs under the gaze of spectators, and how spectators interpret and experience the piece while observing the gameplay. This piece serves as an artistic and practical exploration for Yi and his team, designing a game experience in a public exhibition setting where participants are under the pressure of being observed.

Xuyuan Cai also contributed his expertise in sound design. Using a Tri-Speaker setup, we provide participants with a unique spatial sound experience from LIAN 戀 Re:Call
as they navigate the gallery. The sound design also serves a narrative purpose for the game, providing the originally 2D game a 3D sound narrative.
Artist:                       Xie Yi                謝羿
Sound Design:        Choi Hui Yun    蔡栩願
Main Theme:           Ryan Cheung   張浩勳
Technical Support:  Huang Yi Fan   黄逸凡
UI Layout Support:  Mak                  麦梓浩
Special Thanks:
Patrick LeMieux
Stephanie Boluk
Yang Jing                     楊靜
(Rashel) RuiXuan Li     李汭璇
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