An Escape Room that sets in a discord server.
It is unlike other puzzle servers on discord, it completely adapt discord as a game platform.
This game can ONLY be played in discord.
It is a discord bot that host puzzle game in a server, and it is a experimental game on online social spaces and platform specific Game Design. We wanted to make a puzzle game that will only work on discord. So we dig out all the features of the discord, and try to use its unique feature to create games that only available on a discord server.
Use Python to implement a discord bot that reacts to the action people take in the discord server.
Create Platform Specific Puzzles​​​​​​​
- Player need to adjust the size of the discord window in order to find the answer
- Some riddle is discord specific riddle, and there is no way to find the answer but inside the discord itself. (Credit: Rachel Heleva)
- Bot automatically assign server roles to display the progress of each player. 
Rachel Heleva - Puzzle Designer, Script Writer
Yi Xie - Programmer, Puzzle Designer
Madi - Puzzle Designer
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