It is a puzzle design/level design idea inspired by old fashion pipe connection puzzle. This documentation is a record of every sparkle of my idea and every single playable prototype I come out with.
In the end of the 2021, I get a puzzle design task that ask me to design a level with the theme [electricity]. It is just like wind and air. Electricity is all over the place, but we can barely see em. As a result, connection puzzle become the most popular kind of puzzle we have in the world of games. 
A good example is Marvel's Spiderman [PS5, 2021]
Video/Screenshot Credit: PerfectParadox
It requires players shoot a couple of nodes in the level so that they can get connected. The interesting part is that player can only connect each node with straight line. It means players need to find a path that detour from the obstacle, and it give me a lot of inspiration on designing a 3D connection game. 
3D Open World Pipe Maze?
picture credit:[]
I started with the classic pipe puzzle where player need to rotate pipe to make a connection between the start node and the end node. 
Then I come out with an idea:
What if I make a game that player/character can run inside of a pipe puzzle? In which they need to run all over the place and make the connection?
The next thought I have is, I have to make these pipes into walls, like ninja walls. The result of that is every-time when player rotate a wall, a new path or something interesting will be revealed. 
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