Collect all three badges!
Good luck!
Blue Character will shrink if it stays in the pinkish part of the map
Orange Character will shrink if it stays in the blue part of the map.
You will lose the game if you disappear
If two characters separate for a long time(not in the range of Aura), the camera distorts, and the game fails.
Star will make the Max Size of the Character grow.
The heart will increase the size of Aura.
W - Forward 
A - Left 
S - Back 
D - Right 
UpArrow - Forward 
LeftArrow - Left 
DownArrow - Back 
RightArrow - Right 

Original Message from Yi Xie (2020)
恋(Lian) is a Chinese Character. According to the dictionary, 恋 in English means "feel attached to". It is a beautiful word. It shows a strong feeling of humans that they are connected with someone, something, and some event.
This period of time is torture, and there are plenty of stories happened in my life that I will never forget. I know it sounds weird, but thanks to this self-quarantine, life give me countless time to think. Think about my life, my past, my future, and the connection between people. I start to think about my behavior and words that may hurt people who are important to me. It is interesting to see how connections are more and more highlighted when the in-person connections between people are broken by distance and self-quarantine.
I don't think I have enough experience and the ability to tell what love is and what this feeling is. This game is a derivative of my thoughts, and just represent my own feeling about Love and distance. Thank you for playing this game. I hope this game can bring you joy.

Keratine rust and a clear soul -
People are spinning -

Install instructions

For Mac OS:
If the application cannot be opened 
1. [Right click] on the application, and choose [show package contents]
 2. Open Contents/MacOS 
3. Open the [Terminal] and type: "cd " 
4. Drag and Drop the [MacOS] folder opened in the finder into the [Terminal] 
5. In [Terminal] type: chmod +x Xie_恋Lian_MAC_041320 
6. Done and Enjoy!

Keratine rust and a clear soul -
People are spinning -
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